Anthony Mcclelland Lebron Jame’s Father: Height, Arrest, and Roland Bivins

Anthony Mcclelland

He is the father of a famous basketball player, “Lebron James.” Even though Anthony McClelland is still alive, he didn’t play any role in his son’s life. Lebron James was raised by his courageous mother, Gloria James.

Lebron James is a well-known media personality, and people are curious about his personal and social life.

If you want to know the detailed story of Lebron James’s father, you have read the right article.

Who is the father of Lebron James?

Lebron James’s biological father is Anthony McClelland. His father was a poor man born in Akron, Ohio, United States of America. Anthony belonged to the African-American ethnic group.

His father had a criminal record, and he left Gloria, the mother of Lebron James,

Anthony Mcclelland Lebron James

Anthony Mcclelland Lebron James

when she was pregnant. Lebron James’s mother raised him alone and did different jobs to give him a good life.

Full name  Anthony McClelland
Gender  Male 
Ethnicity  African-American 
Nationality  American 
Birthplace  Akron, Ohio
Religion  Christianity 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 


Physical Characteristics of Anthony Mcclelland:

Anthony has a black skin tone and a muscular build like his son, Lebron James. He has curly black hair and dark brown eyes. There is not much information about Anthony McClelland height, but after seeing some of his pictures, we can say that his estimated size is 6’2.


Hair colour Black 
Eye colour Dark brown
Height  6 feet 2
Skin tone Black 

Lebron James Personal Life:

He was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1984. Lebron James grew up without his father, Anthony James; he didn’t even see his father. He lived a struggling life with his mother.

Lebron James is married to his high school lover, Savannah James. She was Lebron’s supporter throughout his life and loved him unconditionally. They married in 2013 and have three children: Bryce Maximus, Lebron “Bronny” James Jr., and Zhuri Nova.

Lebron James Success:

He always saw his mother struggling to give him a promising future as a child. He started playing basketball at a young age. He became famous after appearing on a magazine cover, “The Chosen One.”

Lebron James became so popular that he got the label of King James. He becomes wealthy through his basketball career. Lebron James made a foundation named “Lebron James Family Foundation” to help the needy children in Akron, Ohio, where he was born. Lebron’s mother is vice president of the foundation.

Gloria James’ Connection with Anthony Mcclelland:

Gloria and Anthony fell in love with each other when Gloria was only 16 years old. They went to the same high school, which was located in Akron, Ohio. They started their relationship casually; they were not seriously committed to each other. 

She became pregnant during their casual affair, but Anthony didn’t take the responsibility and left Gloria on her own. She became a single mother to her son, Lebron James.

Former Spouse  Gloria Marie James
Children  Lebron James, Aaron Gamble
Famous for Being the father of Lebron James

Did Anthony McCleland have another son other than Lebron James?

According to some articles, Anthony McClelland also had a casual relationship with another woman and left her after dating her for some time. Anthony has another son, Aaron McClelland Gamble, from his other relationship with an unknown woman. Aaron is the half-sibling of Lebron James.

Anthony Mcclelland Gamble Addiction:

When Anthony McClelland left Gloria James, some articles reported that he became a thief and got arrested five times in different cases. 

However, in 2002, he committed another robbery and was arrested. However, due to his criminal background, he is still in jail.

Anthony Mcclelland Gamble

Anthony Mcclelland Gamble

Is Anthony McClelland’s real name Roland Bivins?

A rumor is circulating that a man named Roland Bivins is Anthony McClelland. Some people believed that Anthony changed his name to Roland Bivins to escape jail.

Another conspiracy is that Roland Bivins was Anthony’s jail partner, and they were dating. However, in 1994, Roland died in a shooting incident. There is no confirmed information regarding this event.

Facts about Anthony Mcclelland:

  • Anthony McClelland was raised in a poor family.
  • Anthony McClelland belonged to a small town named Akron in Ohio.
  • He has two children with different women.
  • He was arrested in 2002 and never released from prison.

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Anthony Mcclelland Death:

There is no authentic information about his death. At the time of Roland Bivins’s conspiracy, people believed that it was Anthony’s real name, and he died during the shooting incident. But this is not true because Anthony McClelland was arrested in 2002.


After leaving Gloria James, Anthony’s life became a living hell. He got involved in many criminal activities, and due to his past record, he got arrested and never came back from jail.

However, people always search for Anthony McClelland because of Lebron James, and Anthony will forever remain a reminder of his son’s struggles with Lebron James.


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