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Betty Reynolds

She is the daughter of celebrity couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. People wanted to know the story behind the unique name of their daughter.

So, let’s read the detailed life of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s third daughter, Betty Reynolds.

Betty—The Mystery Behind Her Name:

The celebrity duo welcomed their third beautiful daughter in 2019. Betty Renold’s age is 4 as of 2023. They always wanted to provide privacy and security for their kids and never shared detailed information about them. 

Ryan and Blake named their third daughter Betty; this name is considered unique, and many people wanted to know the inspiration behind it.

Betty Reynolds Name Mystery

Betty Reynolds Name Mystery


However, they decided to explain the meaning behind their daughter’s name. It’s a family nickname. It comes from Blake Lively’s non-alcoholic shimmering mixer, Betty Buzz.

In a press conference, Lively disclosed that she loved her father and wanted to honor his family name. She named her third daughter Betty as an honor for her great-aunt and grandmother.

Full name  Betty Reynolds
Age  4
Gender  Female 
Date of birth: 4 October, 2019
Country  United States

Siblings of Betty Reynolds:

She has a total of three sisters. Betty has two elder sisters and one younger sister. Her elder sister, “James,” was born in 2014. Her second sister, “Inez,” was born in 2016. She got another sister in 2023, but her family kept the name of their fourth child a secret. However, they are a happy family who are living a joyful life of six members.

Who is Betty Reynold’s father?

His name is Ryan Reynolds, and he is a prominent name in the Hollywood showbiz industry. Ryan is a hard-working Canadian actor and producer. People love his action and comedy movies. He is famous for his versatile acting skills. Ryan appeared in famous movies like Deadpool, Red Notice, The Proposal, and Green Lantern. Deadpool was one of the blockbusters.


Betty Reynolds Father

Betty Reynolds Father


Moreover, because of his hilarious replies on Twitter, he is considered the “King of Twitter.”

He is an actor who is not only famous because of his acting skills but also for his humanitarianism. Ryan assists in cancer probing centers using the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Also, he makes sure to participate in keeping the environment clean. He protects the environment through many different organizations.

Who is Betty Reynold’s mother?

Her mother’s name is Blake Lively, and she is also a well-known actress in Hollywood, like her actor husband. Blake is the daughter of actor Ernie Lively. She makes her debut through Sandman (1998). Her famous roles were in movies such as Gossip Girl, The Age of Adaline, The Town, and A Simple Favor.


Betty Reynolds Mother

Betty Reynolds Mother


Moreover, she is famous for her enchanting fashion sense. She made a unique and modern appearance at every Met Gala. Blake was selected many times as the best-dressed woman.

Blake Lively is also an activist who helps with child and maternal issues. The actress recently co-founded an alcohol-free cocktail company.

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​Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively’s Love Story:

The actors met in 2011 for the first time at the Green Lantern sets. Initially, they worked with each other as friends, but after some time, they reconnected on a double date with their different partners, and from that time, they started to feel different from each other, and soon, they fell in love.

Betty’s parent’s wedding ceremony:

The sizzling couple got married in 2012 in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. They first appeared as husband and wife at the Met Gala In 2014.

They met on the sets of the Green Lantern movie. He was married to Scarlett Johansson during his affair with Blake Lively. 

Ryan and Blake flew sparks when they were seen together on a double date. They are considered the “Power Couple” of the showbiz industry. The couple loved each other dearly and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.


​Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively's Love Story:

​Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively’s Love Story:


Parents Name  Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively
Siblings 3
Famous For Being the daughter of Ryan Reynold and Blake Lively

James Inez and Betty Reynolds Taylor Swift:

Many people know about Blake Lively’s close friendship with Taylor Swift. They have been best friends for a very long time. Ryan and Blake kept their third daughter’s name a secret. It was Taylor Swift who told Betty’s name through her song.

Their daughter’s names were kept a secret, but their dearest aunt Taylor revealed them through her sweet songs. She loved her best friend’s daughter like her children.

Betty Reynolds Obituary: The Rumor:

Some articles are saying that Betty Reynolds is dead, but this news is not about Ryan and Blake’s daughter.


In the end, we can say that Ryan and Blake always choose unique and meaningful names for their children because they respect their family’s heritage.

Betty Reynolds is a name through which her parents, Ryan and Blake, show their true love and tribute to Blake Lively’s father.


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