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dinah mattingly

Dinah is the spouse of former basketball player Larry Bird. Moreover, Larry is a renowned NBA star. Yet, the couple has three children: they adopted 2 and Larry has a daughter from his first marriage. Besides, Dinah Mattingly kept her life away from the limelight.

Furthermore, after marrying the famous player, her fame grew. People wanted to know more about her. Additionally, you will learn about her personal and social life in our article.

dinah mattingly Biography

Dinah mattingly Biography

Who is Dinah Mattingly?

She is the wife of a prominent basketball player, Larry Bird. Furthermore, Dinah was born in November of the year 1954. Yet, she belongs to Vigo County, Indiana. Besides, Dinah completed high school in Terre Haute, Indiana. After that, she went to Indiana State University. She went there to pursue a degree in physical education. Additionally, Dinah became a teacher at North Side High School in French Lick.

Furthermore, she has one sibling named Doug Mattingly. Yet, there is no information about her parent’s lives. Besides, Dinah belonged to the white ethnicity. Moreover, she has American nationality, and her birth sign is Scorpio.

Full name  Dinah Mattingly
Gender  Female 
Age  69
Date of birth November 16, 1954
Ethnicity  White 
Nationality  American 
Birthplace  Vigo County, Indiana 
Birth Sign Scorpio
University  Indiana State University
Brother  Doug Mattingly
Height  5 feet, 5 inches 
Hair colour  Brown 
Eye colour  Blue 

Dinah Mattingly Young:

Dinah was a beautiful lady in her early years. Moreover, she had dark brown curly hair. Besides, Dinah had a blue eye color. Furthermore, in her younger days, she was quite stylish.

Larry Bird – NBA Star:

Larry is a prominent basketball player and coach. Moreover, he was born in Indiana in 1956. Besides, people consider him one of the best players in the NBA. Furthermore, he won three championships for the Boston Celtics. Furthermore, people loved to watch him play against Magic Johnson. Yet Larry suffered from an injury and had to stop playing basketball. Yet, he started working as a coach after his injury. Moreover, Larry worked as a leader for the Indiana Pacers as well. Furthermore, he is an important player in basketball history.

dinah mattingly Partner

Dinah mattingly Partner

Dinah Mattingly, 1989:

Larry and Dinah started their affair when they were studying at the same university. Yet, the duo studied at Indiana State University in Indiana. Moreover, the sizzling couple stayed with each other for many years. Then they decided to move further. Besides, they decided to get engaged at the end of the 1980s era. Besides, the couple got married in October 1989 in the United States. Loved ones attended the wedding of Dinah Mattingly. Moreover, they lived a happy life together.

Dinah and Larry  Children:

Larry had a daughter Corrie Bird from his previous marriage with Jannet Condra. Yet, Larry married Dinah in 1989. Moreover, the couple adopted 2 beautiful children a son and a daughter. Besides, their children’s names are Connor and Mariah.

In 2013, the police arrested their son Connor. Yet, he got arrested because of the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend. Besides, he also faced charges like criminal mischief, marijuana, and weapon intimidation. Furthermore, the police released Connor because they couldn’t find much evidence against him.

Husband  Larry Bird
Children  Corrie Bird, Mariah Bird, and Connor Bird
Famous for Being the wife of NBA star Larry Bird

Dinah Mattingly and Don Mattingly:

There’s a rumor that Dinah Mattingly and Don Mattingly are somehow related. Yet, this is not true. Furthermore, Don Mattingly is a baseball player. So, Dinah Mattingly is not related to the entertainment industry. Yet, people thought this because of the same last name.

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Larry Bird Wife Dinah Mattingly Net Worth:

Dinah’s approximate Net Worth is $1 million but living with her husband makes her wealth 10 times more. Yet, her husband’s wage is $75 million. Moreover, the couple is living a luxurious life.

dinah mattingly Nert Worth

dinah mattingly Nert Worth


Occupation  Former Teacher 
Net Worth $1 million

Dinah’s Social Media:

Dinah is a very private person and lives a life away from the media. Yet, she has no social media account. Besides, her husband is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q: Who is the popular wife of Larry Bird?

A: Dinah Mattingly is the renowned spouse of NBA star Larry Bird. Yet, the duo married in 1989.

Q: Is Larry Bird still Married to Lover Dinah Mattingly?

A: Yes, Dinah Mattingly married the former basketball player. Besides, they have 3 children and together they are living a happy life.

Q: How did Dinah Mattingly meet Larry Bird?

A: The couple met at Indiana State University. Besides, Larry and Dinah dated for many years before deciding on their marriage.

Q: How much is the age difference between Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird?

Dinah Mattingly is two years older than her husband, Larry Bird. Yet, the media always mention about their age difference.

Q: What is Dinah Mattingly’s age in 2024?

A: She is currently 69 years old. Yet, Dinah is two years older than her husband Larry Bird.

Q: What is the Net Worth of Dinah Mattingly and her Husband?

A: Dinah has an approximate Net Worth of $1 million. Moreover, her husband Larry Bird has $75 million.

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