How To Recognize Pure Gold Standard Kratom Among Other Counterfeit Products?

There have been many arguments about Kratom since it gained popularity worldwide. Active users are a good way for us to learn new things. But finding authentic Gold kratom is still hard, and many people who want to use it have to go through much trouble to find it.

So little is known about Kratom, and so little research has been done on it that many people who might use it are under a false impression. Due to this lack of knowledge, suspicion, and fear of using Kratom have grown since this plant-based substance got first introduced.

To help you get authentic Kratom, we have mentioned some pointers you can follow to buy Pure gold standard kratom.

What Research Says About Pure Gold Standard Kratom?

MIT45 Gold Kratom is a blend of two or more strains of Kratom. However, there is no set formula or recipe for mixing different strains to make Gold Kratom. Besides, another kratom vendor has a different recipe and way of combining the strains.

After this process, a new strain of Kratom gets produced, and its name starts with “Gold.” besides, MIT45 Gold Kratom combines red vein kratom, green vein kratom, and white vein kratom. This combination can have any size or shape.

There are many kinds of gold kratom strains, and each type of gold vein kratom will be different because it is made from Kratom’s red, white, and green strains. The most popular and used gold vein kratom are:

  1. Gold Vein Thai Kratom
  2. Gold Vein Maeng Da Kratom
  3. Gold Vein Bali Kratom
  4. Gold Vein Bentuangie Kratom

How To Recognize Pure Gold Standard Kratom?

1.     Look For Vendors Who Are Aka Gmp Qualified.

The vendors bring in the Kratom leaves, mix them, package them, store them, and test them in a lab to ensure they are pure and effective, so if you want to know if a vendor is selling high-quality Gold Kratom.

You should check the American Kratom Association’s website to see if they get listed as a GMP Qualified vendor.

The American Kratom Association started the AKA GMP Standards program in 2019 to set high standards for making Kratom products and ensure that people can get authentic, high-quality products.

If a vendor meets the requirements, they can get their AKA GMP qualified status after an annual strict and thorough audit by a third party.

MIT45 Kratom is AKA GMP certification owner and uses high-quality leaves to give their customers fresh and authentic kratom products.

2.     Always Buy Fresh Kratom

Gold Kratom that is almost out of date is sometimes sold at a very low price by legitimate kratom sellers. Many shady vendors sell expired or old Gold Kratom to consumers. This is one of the ways to trick people and sell old or expired Gold kratom as if it were new.

Some shady sellers buy a lot of this Gold Kratom and mix it with fake Kratom. Sometimes, they just put it in a new package and sell it, sometimes for less than the average price of that Gold Kratom, but they still make money.

Most of the effects of fresh Kratom are gone from old or expired Kratom, so buying it is like throwing your money away. However, when you buy Gold Kratom from MIT45, you get fresh and authentic Kratom which will only have good effects.

3.     Check The Information On The Label

Genuine and trustworthy Kratom companies always try to put at least the most essential information on the labels of their products, like the milligram strength, a list of ingredients, and how to use the product. If any of this information is missing, the company doesn’t want you to know something about its formula.

In rare cases, you may find a company making an exact copy of a popular Gold Kratom product made by a genuine brand but with fake Kratom inside. The best way to tell is to compare the label you think might be a fake to the real one. If the content, design, or font are different, you know it’s a fake. MIT45 lab tests its products and ensures that each has the quality and authentic ingredients.

4.     Genuine Customers Reviews

Genuine reviews by Kratom users help you find the best Gold Kratom. An online business with better customer service gets better ratings. They are happy to help, whether the customer is new or has been there. Ensure that the kratom seller you choose has good customer service so you don’t have any problems afterward.

Look at what other customers have said about a brand to understand how customer service works.

Please find out how you can get in touch with them. If you didn’t find their contact information, it would be best to look elsewhere.

5.  Identify Kratom Source

Kratom comes from Southeast Asia and grows mainly in Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The Kratom trees in this area can grow up to 80 feet tall and have big, beautiful flowers and leaves. Knowing where the Kratom extract comes from can be helpful.

Moreover, it should be easy to find out how a Kratom brand gets its Kratom since the quality of Kratom strains depends a lot on the quality of the plant it comes from. Once you know where the Kratom comes from, you can find out where and how the Gold Kratom is made.

MIT45 gets its ingredients from the best Kratom partners worldwide and only uses the best plant material.

6.  Don’t Fall For False Medical Claims.

Be wary of Kratom brands that say their product has a specific structure or function or is good for you medically or therapeutically. If the kratom product hasn’t been registered with the FDA, making claims about it is against the law.

Claims can’t be made on their website, blog posts, social media, ads, or reviews for marketing purposes (that are controlled by the vendor). When it comes to a specific strain, claims can be very misleading.

Many things can affect how Kratom makes you feel, such as the size of your dose, your level of tolerance, your brain chemistry, your body’s physiology, etc.

What one strain does to one person may not be the same thing it does to another. Find out more about the strains of Kratom here.

Final Thoughts

When deciding where to buy Kratom for arthritis pain and related issues, you shouldn’t rush it. Look for customer reviews and testimonials, store reputation, and return policy. Furthermore, ensure the Kratom you purchase has been tested by a valid and reliable lab.

A good place to start when finding where to buy Kratom is to look at vendors that endorse The American Kratom Association or are going through the process of getting endorsed. If you currently have a vendor, check to see if they follow the above guidelines for good kratom sellers.

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