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An Informative Guide on How to Turn off Xbox Controller on PC

how to turn off xbox controller on pc

I think it is the right time for confession, my friends. I’ve had Bluetooth Xbox One regulator for quite a long time, yet I never knew how to switch them off through Bluetooth on Versatile or PC without yanking the batteries. On Xbox, you essentially hold the button, and it opens another menu permitting you to switch it off. On cell phones with Venture xCloud and laptops with Bluetooth, in any case, you get no such menu. So without waiting any further, let us discuss how to turn off Xbox controller on PC for our readers. Ends up that it’s effortless to settle, with a speedy 6-second Xbox button press.

How To Turn Off An Xbox Controller Connected With Bluetooth

Below are some of the steps which you need to follow to turn off the Xbox controller connected with Bluetooth:

  • Find the Xbox button in the middle top of your regulator.
  • Press and hold it down for six seconds.
  • It ought to now switch off.
  • Turning it back on should naturally re-interface it to the last accessible Bluetooth connection.

Important Note: Holding it down for 15 seconds will do a full hard reboot of the regulator, which might fix some intriguing firmware issues.

Gracious; indeed, that was simple, huh? With Undertaking xCloud hitting Android phones and the most recent Xbox First class Series 2 regulator shaking Bluetooth for tablets and laptops, it’s about time everybody figured out how to switch it off appropriately. So, let us now discuss how you can turn off Xbox controller on PC.

How to Turn off Xbox Controller on PC

How to Turn Off XBox Controller on PC

How to Turn Off XBox Controller on PC

Since the Xbox 360, Microsoft has permitted you to utilize Xbox regulators on your PC. Furthermore, because of the form nature of these regulators, as well as their general flexibility, it’s no big surprise for what reason you’d need to utilize it over a committed PC controller.

Back in the days of yore, when the Xbox 360 was the most recent control center from Microsoft, utilizing an Xbox controller on PC was a smidgen, even more, a torment. You were either restricted to involving it as a wired gadget or wanted an extraordinary dongle that permitted the regulator to interface with the PC.

These days, Xbox controllers use Bluetooth to connect with your gadgets, permitting you to coordinate them with any Bluetooth-empowered PC, pursuing them a shocking decision to use with both PC and versatile stages. Yet, they aren’t without issues.

Quite possibly, the most outstanding issue many individuals face with Xbox controllers in non-console conditions is switching off the regulator. On an Xbox console, players have the choice to switch off their controllers through a menu on the control center. Press and hold the side button until a menu springs up, and you can choose the “Turn off controller” choice to switch the regulator off. In any case, on Windows and Android, there’s no such choice.

So, if you’re utilizing your Xbox regulator on PC and don’t know how to switch it off, we’ll tell you the best way to make it happen.

How to Turn Off an Xbox Controller Connected to a PC Via Bluetooth

You have two choices concerning how to turn off Xbox controller on PC, which is connected via Bluetooth:

1st Option: Remove the Batteries

The first and most clear method for switching off your Xbox regulator is simply taking the batteries out. Essentially slide off the battery cover on the rear of the regulator. Pop one-off and the controller will switch off. Simple, correct? Indeed, that is a simple method for switching off the regulator, yet it’s certainly not exactly ideal.

After some time, the erosion brought about by eliminating the battery cover can wear out the clasps.  It keeps the battery cover set up. It helps prevent the surface from remaining on any longer (miniature USB flashbacks, anybody?). In any case, even next to this barely conceivable issue, who needs to shut down their regulator by popping the batteries out?

Option 2: Press and Hold the Xbox Guide Button

Suppose you don’t want to yank the batteries out of your controller to switch it off.  At that point, the elective arrangement is to hold the Xbox guide button down to switch off the regulator. Indeed, it’s just simple!

Primarily, you’ll need to hold the conservative for around 6 seconds, which will shut the Xbox controller down. Also, when you’re prepared to drive it back on, the regulator should re-pair to your PC without issue.

You can likewise do a hard reset of the regulator with the Xbox guide button (holding the conservative for ~15 seconds), which will assist with fixing the uncommon firmware issue.


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