How Fans Can Design Risky Business Costume for Special Occasions

Risky Business Costume

Risky Business is a film about a senior named Joel Goodsen who decides to hire a prostitute and has no luck. It forced him to turn his parents’ house into a brothel for just one night to pay for his expenses. Other than the robbery and pimping, everyone loves the part where Joel dances around his house in just his shirt and underwear, which we can contact. A newly won feeling of freedom! Read this informative post if you need to make your risky business costume yourself.

The good thing about this outfit is that boys and girls can wear it and rock it! All you need is a white long-sleeved t-shirt, short white shorts, white socks, white sneakers, and sunglasses. Easy job! Here’s everything you need to look like Joel Goodsen from Risky Business.

Creative Risky Business Costume Joel Goodson Cosplay Ideas

Joel Goodson has worn many different outfits during his film appearances. He constantly changes his clothes to suit his environment or situation. However, the character has some iconic and fun outfits that those who have watched the film will never forget when they think of Joel Goodson. This guide will feature one of Joel Goodson’s signature costumes, which he wears only in his underwear.

The outfit consists of a white, long-sleeved polo shirt that mimics the red-striped cotton oxford shirt worn by the characters in the film. The cosplay set also comes with white panties, as the characters only wear them in the scene. The collection includes a pair of white socks and sunglasses. The outfit is rounded off with a gold candle holder, which Joel uses as a microphone during the scene. Risky business theme party dresses are quite trending nowadays.

Joel Goodson Risky Business Costume

At first glance, Joel Goodson seemed like the perfect high school role model. Rich, handsome, intelligent, and excels in school. But really, he’s just like any other high school kid. He was always afraid of not getting good marks on his exams and always wanted to have fun. But his fear of not meeting his parents’ expectations forced him to focus more on his studies. It makes the characters a little overworked and constantly stressed.

So he used the fact that his parents wanted to travel to relax and have fun. Even though a lot went wrong, it all worked out in the end. Joel’s release time brought some iconic outfits people will remember from the character.

That’s why movie fans always make Joel Goodson their favorite cosplay choice when dressing up as a character from a comedy film. If you look at a cosplay photo, you can see that a character’s outfit is always great for a laugh or fun. A good choice for costume parties or movie conventions. Risky business costume girl is discussed among females of different age groups.

Risky Business Costume Details

Making your lewd corporate suit is quite a daring suit. You end up walking around in a tight white shirt and panties. Here’s everything you need to create your bold business suit and emulate Tom Cruise in one of his most famous roles.

Risky Business Shirt and Candlestick

It would help if you had a long-sleeved shirt as the central part of your lewd business suit. Tom Cruise’s shirt in the film is made of delicate fabric. It is also light pink with light white stripes. You should have no trouble finding similar or identical shirts. The final piece of protecting your risky business costume is finding candlesticks. While dancing, Tom Cruise grabs the golden candlestick in the film and sings. It would help if you chose a large candlestick, preferably gold.

Storyline of Tom Cruise Costume Risky Business

Risky Business is a classic 1983 film starring Tom Cruise, and it was his launch pad to stardom. The film follows a typical high school student whose parents leave the house alone for the weekend. After Joel Goodson got into trouble with his father’s Porsche, he had to get creative to raise a large amount of money quickly enough. However,  with the beautiful Rebecca De Mornay playing Joel’s love interest, this classic film about teenage rebellion has been and will be for years.

Summing Up

To buy a risky business costume, you can shop online. There are plenty of 80s-themed clothing websites and stores where you can find costumes tailored to your needs. This suit website also has a variety of bold business suits. You can even buy vintage suits from the 80s, but be aware that they can be expensive. However, with a few tips, you can make your costume.


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