Shiv Thakare: A Journey from Roadies to Stardom

Who is Shiv Thakare:

Shiv Thakare is one of the most renowned and well-known actors in India. Some people gain success and publicity because of their talents and wonderful skills. He is not only become an actor but also takes part in the most recognized and well-known Television show Bigg Boss Marathi 2.

Social media platforms also take part in the recognition of the people. Shiv Thakare has become one of the most famous and popular celebrities because of his excellent performance and exceptional acting skills. So, let’s start to more about his personal, and professional life and find out the reason and secret of his success.

shiv thakare

Shiv Thakare Wikipedia:


Full and Real Name Shiv Manoharrao Uttamrao Zinguji Ganuji Thakre
Nickname Shiv
Profession or Occupation Choreographer and Dancer
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
Place of Birth Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Hometown Amravati
Current City Mumbai, Maharashtra
Date of Birth September 9, 1989
Age 31 years old
Religion Hinduism
Category Trending

Shiv Thakare came into this unpredictable and wonderful world on September 9, 1989. He belongs to Amravati, Maharashtra. This is not certain that if your family background is strong, then you cannot be successful, the more you face hurdles the more you become stronger. Just like many people, Shiv Thakare’s family background was not elite but he was always inspired and motivated to become successful. Because he wanted to get rid of his poor lifestyle. Shiv Thakare age is 31 years old and now he is considered the most recognized actor in India. After completing his former education, he pursues a career in acting.

Shiv Thakare Biography:

Shiv Thakare was born and raised in India’s most populated city of India. He was born on 9 September 1989. Shiv Thakare’s father’s name is Manohar Thakare. He belonged to a middle-class family but was passionate about his career. He completed his early Education from Sant Kavarram Vidhyala in Amravati. Later he enrolled himself in Degree from G.S Raisoni COET Amravati and completed his next education.

Shiv Thakare Social Media:

Just like other celebrities Shiv Thakare uses social media platforms. He has thousands of followers and fans on his accounts. His social media platforms reach gets bigger because of his fame and success. Shiv Thakare has become the most followed celebrity and contestant. He uses Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. People love to watch his photos and videos on his social media accounts.

Shiv Thakare Education:

There are a lot of people who are curious to know Shiv Thakare’s educational background. Most people are always curious to know more about their favorite celebrities. Let me break your curiosity by telling you that Shiv Thakare is from his hometown.

Later he got admission in Degree from G.S Raisoni COET Amravati and completed his next education. Celebrities’ life also becomes a reason for their follower’s motivation and inspiration. To endeavor for knowledge and information people are always curious to know about their favorite people’s lives.

Shiv Thakare roadies audition:

Shiv Thakare roadies audition was praised because of his simplicity and well-mannered nature. Rahnvijay was the judge of his audition show and his eyes becomes wet when he listened to the life story of Shiv Thakare.

Shiv Thakare also revealed that he also used to live in a slum. Shiv Thakare talk about all his financial conditions during his audition. He tells them how he used to live and how he was compelled to sell newspapers and milk packets with his sister. Being poor was so much painful for him.

Shiv Thakare Roadies Winner:

It’s a common belief that when you have the courage and strength to do something bigger, you surely achieved your desired destination. Shiv Thakare participated in India’s most popular and famous reality Show Bigg Boss Marathi 2. He was a former Roadies contestant. He participated in the Roadies Rising show and become a winner of that show.

FAQ related Shiv Thakare:

Who is Shiv Thakare?

Answer: Shiv Thakare is a well-known Indian actor and reality TV personality. He gained popularity through his exceptional acting skills and participation, in reality, shows like Bigg Boss Marathi 2 and Roadies Rising.

What is Shiv Thakare’s educational background?

Answer: Shiv Thakare completed his early education at Sant Kavarram Vidhyala in Amravati, Maharashtra. He later pursued a degree from G.S Raisoni COET Amravati.

How did Shiv Thakare become famous?

Answer: Shiv Thakare’s journey to fame started with his appearance on the reality show Roadies Rising. His emotional audition, talking about his humble background and struggles, won the hearts of many viewers and earned him a place in the show. He eventually became the winner of Roadies Rising, which further propelled his popularity. Later, he participated in Bigg Boss Marathi 2, solidifying his position as a recognized celebrity.

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