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shivani dubey

Who is Shivani Dubey:                                                                            

If you know about Alakh Pandey who is the most recognized personality in India as a Physician, then you must hear the name of Shivani Dubey. Shivani Dubey’s husband Alakh Pandey helped her in her career and they both become famous and renowned personalities in India. Let’s talk more about, Shivani Dubey Alakh Pandey’s biography, age, net worth and career, etc.

shivani dubey

Shivani Dubey Alakh Pandey biography:

Name Shivani Dubey
Year of Birth/ Age 1995
Height 5 ft 3 in
Weight 55 kg
Category Biography
Nationality Indian
Eye Color Dark Brown
Religion Hinduism
Home Town Allahabad
Husband Alakh Pandey

Shivani Dubey is a famous and renowned journalist in India. She works as a broadcaster of, culture, lifestyles, politics, social trends, and entertainment as well. Shivani Dubey age is 27 years old and she is the partner of the Physics instructor, You Tuber Alakh Pandey. They both engaged in studies and research, Alakh Pandey started to teach the students the subject of Physics while Shivani Dubey is the Journalist and she also worked in Alakh Pandey’s channel regarding lectures on Physics.

Shivani Dubey, who is a journalist now came into this unpredictable world in 1996. Shivani Dubey age is 27 years old. She is also known by another name which is Babita.

Shivani Dubey Husband

Shivani Dubey chooses Alakh Pandey as her life partner. Alakh Pandey is also known as Physics Wallah because of his excellent Skills and unique methodology of teaching. He is a successful YouTuber, Teacher, and Physics instructor. He delivered his lectures on his YouTube channel and students always praised his efforts and talents to teach Physics in such interesting and wonderful ways.  Alakh Pandey age is 31 years old and they both are dating each other for the last 2 years.

Shivani Dubey also helped him to create his own YouTube channel through which he now is recognized as the most famous YouTuber and instructor. Thousands of students were always eager and curious about his videos related to Physics instructions. His methodology and unique style of delivering lectures didn’t allow students to feel boredom.

Shivani Dubey Profession

Professional life and career become a reason for someone’s fame or defame. That’s why choosing the right profession according to your interest and desires should be one priority. Shivani Dubey is an Indian journalist who is also famous because of being the wife of Physics Wallah who is a successful YouTuber and instructor. Shivani Dubey is from India and is also known as Babita. Her husband is an online instructor, educator, and motivational speaker. She always helped him to give his best and to become a successful and famous social media influencer.

Shivani Dubey is from Allahabad, UP, and graduated with a master’s degree in Chemistry. She completed her early Education great the Central Board of Secondary Education. As Shivani Dubey wanted to become a successful social media face that’s why she preferred journalism as her profession and made her name because of her skills and talents.

Shivani Dubey Career

Shivani Dubey is a young, intelligent, and smart girl who has talents and wonderful skills. Because of her passion and dedication, she materializes her dreams in a short time. Shivani Dubey completed her Master’ degree in Chemistry after completing her schooling. Furthermore, she chooses a freelancing career and journalizing. She did a great job in Many reputable and famous magazines including i-D, Refinery29, Elle, and Vice. Also, Shivani has worked with Alakh Pandey on Physics Wallah, which is an Edu-tech company.

Shivani Dubey and Alakh Pandey’s Relationship

Alakh Pandey is the CEO and founder of Physics Wallah. while his wife Shivani Dubey is the most recognized and famous Journalist in India. They both date each other for a long time and finally, both get engaged after 2 years of dating relationship. They both get married on 23 February 2023 at the Five-Star Hotel in Delhi. You can see the marriage pictures and videos on their social media accounts.

Shivani Dubey Net Worth

Shivani Dubey got fame and publicity as well as a lot of money from her profession as a freelance journalist. If we talk about Shivani Dubey’s net worth, then her net worth is estimated as 40 to 50 thousand rupees.

FAQ related Shivani Dubey:

FAQ 1: What is Shivani Dubey’s profession?

Shivani Dubey is a renowned journalist in India, specializing in culture, lifestyles, politics, social trends, and entertainment.

FAQ 2: Who is Alakh Pandey and how is he related to Shivani Dubey?

Alakh Pandey, also known as Physics Wallah, is a successful YouTuber, teacher, and physics instructor. He is Shivani Dubey’s husband and they have been dating for the past two years.

FAQ 3: What is Shivani Dubey’s career background?

Short Answer: Shivani Dubey is an Indian journalist who gained fame through her association with Alakh Pandey. She has worked with reputable magazines like i-D, Refinery29, Elle, and Vice.

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