Tesla Canada Superchargers: How to Power Up Your EV Adventure

As an electric vehicle owner, you understand the importance of finding reliable charging stations to keep your battery powered for all of life’s adventures. While public charging stations are becoming more widely available, many leave much to be desired in terms of speed and convenience. If you’re looking to experience the cutting edge in EV charging technology, look no further than Electrly’s Supercharger stations. With over 100 locations across Canada, including some with amenities like wifi, snacks, and lounge areas, Electrly Superchargers are elevating the EV charging experience. Capable of providing up to 150kW, their Superchargers can add up to 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes. For those long distance drives, multiple Superchargers along major routes allow you to quickly recharge and get back on the road. Electrly provides even more convenience by running a Tesla Canada Supercharger map across Canada to give EV drivers the fastest, most reliable way to locate charging stations.

Tesla’s Vast Supercharger Network in Canada

Tesla’s network of Superchargers across Canada provide EV owners the freedom to travel long distances. With over 100 stations and counting, Tesla’s Supercharger network is expanding to ensure you have convenient charging options for your adventures.

Reliable and Fast

Tesla’s Superchargers provide up to 250kW, enabling you to quickly recharge your vehicle. In just 30 minutes, you can recharge to provide enough range for most trips. Superchargers are designed to provide consistent charging speeds in all weather conditions so you can rely on them year-round.

Convenient Locations

Tesla aims to build Superchargers along well-traveled routes and near amenities like restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels. This means you can easily charge your vehicle during a quick stop, or while enjoying a meal. Popular travel routes across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are covered by the Supercharger network.

Always Available

Tesla’s goal is to ensure that Superchargers are available when you need to charge. The network is built to provide redundancy by locating multiple Superchargers at strategic points along routes. If one Supercharger is in use or unavailable, you can charge at an alternate nearby station.

Tesla’s vast Supercharger network enables EV owners to confidently set out on journeys across Canada. With fast, reliable charging at convenient locations, you’ll have the range and power you need to embark on an all-electric adventure. Tesla and other players like Electrly are committed to continued expansion of the Supercharger network to open up more of Canada’s beautiful landscapes to sustainable electric travel.

Planning Your Route Using the Tesla Canada Supercharger Map

To maximize your electric vehicle’s range and experience the convenience of fast charging, utilize the Tesla Canada Supercharger network. With over 70 locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, Superchargers provide up to 150 kW of power, enabling you to quickly recharge and get back on the road.

Planning Your Route Using the Tesla Canada Supercharger Map

Planning Your Route Using the Tesla Canada Supercharger Map

Tesla owners have access to an interactive map within their vehicle’s touchscreen display and mobile app showing the locations of Superchargers along routes. To plot the optimal path for your journey that incorporates necessary charging stops:

  1. Enter your destination into the navigation to see the recommended Supercharger stops and estimated arrival charge percentages. The system will route you to the appropriate Superchargers based on factors like current battery level, traffic, and charger availability.
  2. Tap on any Supercharger stop to view its details, including the number of chargers, typical wait times, and amenities like restrooms, shopping, and dining within walking distance. Choose stops that meet your needs.
  3. Adjust the map to display only Superchargers that offer your required charge rate and connector type. The higher the kW, the faster the charge.
  4. Check historical data on each Supercharger’s reliability and uptime. While rare, some locations may be temporarily offline for maintenance. It is best to have backup options in mind.
  5. Once your trip is underway, the navigation will direct you to the selected Supercharger stops and automatically begin charging once you plug in. Simply stretch your legs, grab a quick bite, or use the facilities, and before you know it, you will have enough range to continue your adventure. With some advance planning, Tesla’s Supercharger network makes road tripping in an EV a breeze.

What to Expect at a Tesla Supercharger Station

At a Tesla Supercharger station, you can expect a fast, convenient charging experience for your Tesla electric vehicle. Superchargers provide high-powered charging for long distance travel and fast recharging.

Locating a Supercharger

There are over 12,000 Superchargers worldwide, with locations along major routes. You can find nearby Superchargers and get directions on your Tesla’s touchscreen. Superchargers are strategically placed within a 30 minute drive of destinations along major routes.

Charging Your Tesla

Once you arrive at a Supercharger station, simply plug your Tesla into any available charger to begin charging. Supercharging is free for all Tesla vehicles. The charge rate and time will depend on the maximum charge rate of your vehicle and the type of Supercharger. Vehicles can charge at rates up to 250 kilowatts, providing up to 1000 miles of range in just over an hour of charging. You can monitor the charging progress on your vehicle’s touchscreen.


Many Supercharger stations provide amenities to make charging convenient and enjoyable. This includes restrooms, seating areas, restaurants, shopping, and Wi-Fi access. Some locations are open 24 hours, while hours may vary at other sites. You can see details for each Supercharger location in your vehicle’s navigation.

Tesla aims to make the overall experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible for EV owners. Superchargers are designed to get you back on the road quickly while providing a comfortable place to relax during longer charges. With a rapidly growing charging network, Tesla is enabling electric vehicle travel over long distances.

Tips for Maximizing Your Charge at a Tesla Supercharger

To maximize your charge at a Tesla Supercharger station, follow these tips:

Plan Your Route in Advance

Use the Tesla trip planner to map out your journey and locate Supercharger stations along your route ahead of time. Note the station locations and number of chargers to ensure there are enough ports available for your needs. The trip planner will estimate how long you need to charge at each station based on factors like battery capacity, energy usage, weather conditions and traffic.

Arrive with a Low State of Charge

Aim to arrive at a Supercharger location with a low state of charge, around 10 to 20 percent remaining. The lower your battery level, the faster your vehicle can charge. Tesla’s dedicated charging infrastructure is designed for rapid energy replenishment, so you want your battery primed to take full advantage of the high-powered charge.

Choose an Optimal Charging Stall

For the quickest charge, choose a stall labeled “150 kW” or higher. The higher the kilowatt rating, the faster the charger can replenish your battery. If there are lower-rated stalls available, they will still charge your vehicle, just at a slower rate. As charging finishes, Tesla’s Trip Planner may suggest moving to a lower-rated stall to open up a high-powered stall for other customers.

Stay with Your Vehicle

Remain with your vehicle while it’s charging at a Supercharger station. Although rare, in the unlikely event of an issue with the charging equipment or your vehicle, it’s important to be on-hand to disconnect the charger. Once charging is complete, promptly move your vehicle to an available non-charging space to open the stall for other Tesla owners.

By following these tips, you’ll get the most efficient and rapid charge for your Tesla EV at any Supercharger location. With a little advanced planning, you’ll be back on the road and enjoying your electric adventure in no time. Happy motoring!

How Electrly’s Smart Charging Solutions Enable Road Trips of the Future

How Electrly's Smart Charging Solutions Enable Road Trips of the Future

Electrly’s smart charging solutions are pioneering the road trips of the future. Our intelligent chargers provide an effortless charging experience for EV drivers, enabling longer journeys without range anxiety.

Fast, Reliable Charging

Electrly’s fast chargers can provide an 80% charge in under 30 minutes. With over 200 locations across major routes in Canada, drivers can quickly recharge and continue their adventure. Our network is reliable, with a proven uptime of over 99%.

Seamless Payment

Electrly makes paying for charging simple. Drivers can tap to pay with a credit card or use the Electrly app for automated payment. Session fees are clearly displayed on the charger screen and in the app before starting a charge.

Real-Time Data

Electrly’s chargers utilize IoT technology to provide real-time data on charger availability, status, and pricing. Drivers can check the Electrly app to find the nearest available chargers and current wait times along their route. This data also allows Electrly to proactively monitor the network and dispatch technicians if needed to minimize downtime.


As EVs become more widely adopted, Electrly is ready to meet the increased demand for public charging. Our modular chargers can be upgraded to provide faster charging speeds and higher power output. We are also continuously expanding our network along major travel corridors and in areas where more charging is needed.

An EV Adventure Awaits

With Electrly’s fast, reliable and intelligent charging solutions, EV road trips of the future are here today. Drivers can set off on an eco-friendly adventure with confidence knowing Electrly’s coast-to-coast network will keep them charged for the journey ahead. Our technology-driven approach to EV infrastructure is paving the way for mass EV adoption and sustainable transportation. An electric road trip adventure awaits with Electrly.


As you’ve seen, Tesla’s Supercharger network opens up a world of possibilities for electric vehicle road trips in Canada. With stations located in picturesque places across the country, from the Rocky Mountains to Niagara Falls, you’ll never run out of exciting destinations. And because the network is constantly expanding, even more locations will become available to you over time.

The future of electric vehicle travel in Canada looks very bright. Tesla’s ever-growing Supercharger network means you’ll always have a place to recharge during your adventures. So pack your bags, map your route, and hit the open road in your Tesla—an epic Canadian EV journey awaits. The opportunity to experience the beauty of this country in an eco-friendly way has never been greater. Happy travels!

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