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In a world where stories of triumph over adversity inspire and captivate us, Vikki Layton shines as a beacon of hope and resilience. Her journey, marked by personal battles and public recognition, is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Who is Vikki Latyon?

Vikki Layton is the wife of UK-born snooker world champion Mark Selby. The couple got hitched in 2011, and since then, their relationship has gone through the test of time, only to come out stronger. Born in Ipswich, Vikki Layton is 31 years old and a former Irish pool player with a daughter with her husband, Sofia Maria.

Additionally, according to Vikki Layton’s Wikipedia, she was the former captain of the Irish pool team. She’s played pool internationally but gave it up later. She is married to Mark Selby, and they are raising a daughter together.

Vikki Latyon Biography:



Real Name Vikki Layton
Gender Female
Height 5’6
Weight 55 kg
Profession Pool Player
Marital Status Married
Husband Mark Selby
Children One daughter, Sofia
Net Worth

$3 Million

Mark Selby, Vikki’s husband, is an English snooker player. In April 2022, he was positioned 2nd best in the world after the Cazoo Tour Championship. The 38-year-old held the snooker world championship title, but only recently did he lose it to the Belgian player Luca Brecel.

Vikki Layton’s Struggle with Illness

After his defeat against the Belgian player Luca Brecel, Mark Selby opened up about his struggles with depression and how his wife stood by him and helped him come out of it. The winner of the snooker world championship in 2023, Brecel, paid tribute to Mark’s wife, Vikki, telling her to stay strong. Vikki Layton’s illness is still unknown to the world.

No one knows what the former young pool player suffers from, yet she and Mark’s fans wish her all the best. Although, in his recent press release, Mark Selby has been open about his fight with depression and how Vikki pulled him out of it. But as far as her health is concerned, no one knows the truth except the family.

Mark Selby and Vikki Selby’s Love Story: The Beginning

The common love for sports brought together these two amazing players; before the world knew it, they got engaged in 2010. A year later, in 2011, Mark and Vikki Selby tied the knot.

To add to their beautiful family, the couple welcomed a baby girl, Sofia Maria, in 2014, who soon became the apple of their eye.

Vikki Layton Age: A Testament to Resilience

One cannot discuss Vikki Selby without acknowledging her age. With each passing year, she demonstrates that age is but a number. Her determination to lead a fulfilling life despite the challenges posed by her illness is nothing short of inspiring.

Vikki Layton’s age reminds us that time is a gift, and how we spend it matters most. She is a living example that age should never hinder our pursuit of dreams, goals, and personal growth.

Mental Health Struggles

After he lost the snooker world championship title to the Belgian player, Mark Selby opened up about his struggles with mental health and how his wife, Vicky Layton Selby, was there for him. Mark said that after his long fight with depression and winning it, he relapsed last year, but it was his wife who helped him through the dark times. And since she has been with him through his sickness and health, he wishes to see her healthy and happy.

The Rumor: The Truth Behind It All

According to rumours that have been going around, the press has reported that Vicky Selby, the former Irish pool team captain, has cancer. But as of now, Vikki Layton’s illness diagnosis has not yet been disclosed by the family. Although Mark Selby has been seen talking about her health lately, he has never opened up about the real illness.

Is Vicky Selby dead?

The wife of former snooker world champion Mark Selby is not dead. Although, according to rumours, she succumbed to cancer, it is not at all true. Vikki Layton is very much alive but may not be healthy. Her husband has hinted that she is sick and wishes for them to get through this together.

Even the new snooker world champion, Luca Brecel, was seen wishing the couple strength and luck in his winner’s acceptance speech. Vikki has been Mark’s rock through all these years, helping the player fight depression with great strength and determination. She has always pushed him to give his best, and only because of her has Mark Selby been able to enjoy championship titles.

It is now that Vikki needs the support of her husband. Although no one knows what she is dealing with except the family, the couple’s fans wish her luck and good health. They wish to see them win more titles and watch their daughter grow old.

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