6 Factors That Can Make or Break Your New Ontario Business

6 Factors That Can Make or Break Your New Ontario Business

Are you considering entrepreneurship? A careful plan and in-depth research into your business plan are just a few essential steps to ensure success. Learn about a few important factors that can make or break your new Ontario business to increase your chances of a successful business venture.

Supply Vs. Demand

Even the best business ideas won’t succeed if there isn’t any demand. Demand refers to the need or desire for a certain product or business type by locals. Demand varies, depending on where you are, and may differ based on the business type. As a general rule, the best businesses fulfill demand with supply. 

The first step before purchasing a business or filing for licensing should be measuring the local demand. If you plan to open a new restaurant, consider what other restaurants are already in the area. If there are already four cafes within a few miles of one another, opening another one may not be the best decision. You can also review the type and location of successful businesses in the area to learn what customers enjoy.


Location is one of the most important factors when predicting business success. You could have the best business idea, but if it’s located in an area where people can’t find it, it’s unlikely to do well. One of the most common business mistakes is choosing a less desirable location to save a few dollars on a monthly lease. In return, though, doing so could lead you to lose out on thousands of dollars of earnings from customers who never visit.

Purchasing an already established business is a great strategy for choosing something already tested in the market. While shopping among restaurants for sale in Brampton, you can review important information about each option, including its current location, annual sales, monthly rent or lease price, and parking availability.

Business Plan

A business plan is a must whether you plan to open a restaurant or retail business. A business plan outlines your business goals and the specific steps you’ll take to reach them. You can create your own business plan from scratch or use an online form. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you include key details like how much money you want to borrow and how you plan to earn returns. Keep in mind that a business plan may be necessary if you plan to take out a loan to fund your new business purchase.

Controlling Costs

As a new business owner, it’s important to keep business costs to a minimum. This is another area where a business plan can be useful. For example, upgrading your kitchen equipment when you don’t yet have a lot of sales may not be the best time. Swapping to a supplier who charges you higher fees because they’re a friend could affect your ability to earn a profit.


Too many business owners try to do everything themselves, which often leads to tasks like bookkeeping getting pushed aside. It’s important to know when to outsource the tasks in your business that could be hindering its ability to succeed. Whether you choose to outsource marketing, bookkeeping, or any other task you frequently put aside, you’ll want to remember that you can’t do it all.

Additionally, some outsourcing tasks could actually save you money, helping to add to your bottom line. For example, outsourcing your tax preparation services each year could help you take advantage of tax benefits. Canada allows business owners to deduct expenses they incur from owning a business, but it’s important to keep close track of these costs. Outsourcing also offers other benefits, like saving time and the opportunity to support various business processes.


Your employees are the lifeline of your business. Paying them too little or not valuing them enough can lead to a poor reputation. In turn, this can make it difficult to find new employees. It can also earn you a negative reputation in your community, which can significantly affect business and, ultimately, your earnings. Good hiring also means choosing the right supervisors and managers. The leaders you choose are who will set the tone for the rest of the staff.

You’ll also rely on your management staff to handle staffing issues. Otherwise, you could end up spending the majority of your time in the business rather than focusing on other, more important tasks that could increase your brand awareness or sales. While being present at your business is important, it’s also necessary to allocate time to tasks that directly relate to increasing sales.

Measuring supply vs demand, drafting a careful business plan, and learning to control costs are just a few crucial factors of a successful business. Starting your own business can be a profitable decision, but it’s also important to consider these essential factors to ensure your business succeeds.

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