Amal Sufiya: From Interior Designer to Celebrity Powerhouse – Unravelling Her Journey

amal sufiya

Who is Amal Sufiya?

If we talk about Amal Sufiya, then you must know her because of being the wife of Dulquer Salman who is the most recognized and well-known actor in India. But you will be amazed to know that she is not only famous because of her husband’s fame but also because she is a successful and well-known interior designer.

Yes, she is the most famous architect. Let’s start to know more unknown facts about Amal Sufiya. And let us be aware of what makes her so much popular and immensely successful that compelled you to read and us to write about her. So, shall we start?

amal sufiya

Biography of Amal Sufiya:

Profession  Architect
First Name Amal
Last Name Sufiya
Nationality Indian
Amal sufiya age 35 (In 2021)
Birth of the year 1986
Birthplace  Chennai, Indian
Gender  Female
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian) Straight
Religion  Islam


No Caste
Zodiac Sign


Food habits




Designing, Travelling, and cooking

Amal Sufiya is a young successful interior designer from India. But she came into media highlights and limelights when she married the most successful and well-known personality in the Indian film industry. Yes, she got immense fame when she married Dulquer Salman who was the crush of millions of girls around the world.

As a result of their happy marriage, Amal Sufiya daughter came named Maryam Ameerah Salman. They both married in 2011, and Amal Sufiya daughter came in 2017. Ameerah is three years old. Most people said, that their marriage was arranged marriage because Salman’s mother select her as her daughter-in-law.

Amal Sufiya age:

Amal Sufiya age is 25 years old. Amal Sufiya’s sister’s name and her family information are unknown because she doesn’t post about her family on any social media platforms. Amal Sufiya is considered the most famous interior designer as being the most successful architect. But she came into media highlights and headlines when she married an actor, businessman, and playback singer in 2011. Dulquer Salman marriage with Amal Sufiya got famous on social media platforms.

Amal Sufiya Career:

Amal Sufiya completed her studies in architecture. She becomes India’s most popular interior designer who worked with dedication and passion. His interests and concepts seem in her work. She was interested in studies of architecture and wanted to become a famous and well-known interior designer. That’s why she started her career as an architect and becomes a famous and successful personality.

Amal Sufiya’s husband:

Sometimes, our belongings become a reason for our fame or defame. Amal Sufiya become a social media person and a renowned girl when she married Dulquer Salman. Amal Sufiya’s husband Dulquer Salman is a well-known and famous personality in India.

Amal Sufiya’s husband is the most famous and popular South Indian actor. He has appeared in numerous movies, and TV shows, like, Theevram, Vikramadithyan, Kammatipaadam, Solo, Hey Sinamika, Sita Ramam, etc.

Dulquer Salman is the husband of Amal Sufiya who is a successful and famous interior designer. She is not only a famous architect but also a media influencer, celebrity partner, and social media star. A lot of people are fans of her.

Amal Sufiya and Dulquer Salman got married in 2011. Their marriage reception was marked on December 26, 2011. Amal Sufiya’s daughter is named Maryam Salman Ameerah. She is the first daughter of her parents.

amal sufiya

Amal Sufia Daughter:

Kids are considered a sign of love for parents. They build strong bonds between couples. Amal Sufiya daughter made her parent’s life more beautiful. Dulquer announced the news about his daughter on social media and wrote, “Today is unforgettable in more ways than one. My life just changed forever. We’ve been blessed with a drop of heaven. At long last my biggest dream came true. I got my princess. Amu got a mini version of herself.”

Amal Sufiya’s Net Worth:

People are always curious to know the exact net worth of their favorite celebrities. They are always interested in the lives of successful people and looking for some interesting news and facts about them.

As an architect, Amal Sufiya earned a lot of money but her wealth goes doubled when she married Dulquer Salman. She earned a solid income from her profession but also her husband is the richest person. So, Amal Sufiya’s net worth is estimated to be around 3 cores INR (approx.).

FAQ RELATED Amal Sufiya:

Who is Amal Sufiya?

Amal Sufiya is a successful interior designer from India, known for being the wife of Dulquer Salman, a prominent actor in the Indian film industry.

What is Amal Sufiya’s net worth?

Amal Sufiya’s net worth is estimated to be around 3 crore INR (approximately).

How did Amal Sufiya’s marriage to Dulquer Salman affect her fame?

Amal Sufiya’s marriage to Dulquer Salman significantly increased her public visibility and social media presence, making her a well-known personality in her own right.

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