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An Informational Guide on How to Unlock the Keyboard on a Dell Laptop

how to unlock the keyboard on a dell laptop

You found your keys aren’t working and presently you are pondering the manners in which you can open the console on your Dell laptop. A keyboard will undoubtedly have an issue somehow because it is a PC gadget all alone. Before I uncover the techniques for you, I need to show you why or what made you have a locked keyboard on your Dell laptop. Let us move forward to tell you the methods you need to follow to know how to unlock the keyboard on a dell laptop.

Why Your Dell Laptop Keyboard Is Locked

There are a few justifications for why your Dell laptop keyboard is locked. However, you will track down the wide reasons in the discussion below.

Outdated Keyboard Driver

Each gadget connecting with your Dell laptop should have a driver on the Dell laptop and the justification behind this is to help your laptop comprehends and perceive the gadget that is in connection to it. Some of the time when a driver isn’t installed as expected or is obsolete, this present circumstance befuddles your Dell laptop to respond adversely and not perceive the gadget by any means.

In this present circumstance, your Dell console might be the offender. Odds are your keyboard drivers are tainted and require troubleshooting. It is critical to assess your keyboard drivers just to be aware assuming they genuinely are undermined with the goal that you can fix them.

A straightforward method for how to unlock the keyboard on a dell laptop windows 10 is to just uninstall it and reinstall it back. However, after finishing reinstalling, you ought to restart your Dell laptop. Your keyboard drivers will be reinstalled the second your Dell laptop restart.

Dead Wireless Keyboard Battery

This segment is especially for those clients that utilize a wireless keyboard with their Dell laptops. The normal issue went with a wireless keyboard is the battery. It’s extremely simple to neglect to supplant or recharger a wireless keyboard.

At the point when the battery of a wireless keyboard is dead or low, it can make the keyboard act up when being used. You might encounter your keys being stuck or not working by any stretch of the imagination. Anybody going through this could feel that their keyboard is locked or not working which isn’t the case. The basic method for fixing this issue is by changing the wireless keyboard battery or charging it

 How To Unlock Keyboard On Dell Laptop Windows 10

There are various techniques to open your Dell keyboard and I have given the main aides underneath to rapidly help you.

How To Unlock Keyboard on Laptop

How To Unlock Keyboard on Laptop

Unlock Dell Fn Key

This technique of how to unlock the keyboard on a laptop is to assist you with opening your Dell keyboard by Opening your Fn key.

  • Press and hold the Fn key found near the Windows logo key
  • While holding the Fn key, tap the Num Lock key at the upper right-hand corner of the console to open the Fn key.

Unlock Num Lock

How to Unlock Keyboard on Laptop

How to Unlock Keyboard on Laptop

Assuming that the number keys by the right-hand side of your Dell keyboard are the main keys not working. In addition, at that point, it implies your Dell keyboard Num Lock is locked and you should open it.

  • To open the Num Lock key,
  • Find the Num Lock key on the upper right-hand side of your PC console. The key is in writing Num Lock, tapping on it ought to open the Num Lock Key.
  • Most times, you could have to hold Fn and the Num Lock key to open the Num Lock key.

Update Keyboard Driver

Your keyboard driver may be obsolete and requirements need updating. Moreover, to update your keyboard driver to know how to unlock keyboard on laptop is as follows:

  • Click on the Windows logo key and the quest for gadget director
  • Run device manager
  • Once it opens, find keyboards and snap on the drop-down
  • Depending on the number of drivers in the drop-down show, you should update everything.
  • Right-click on one of the drivers and click update
  • A message will spring up asking you how you need to look for your battery drivers, select Search naturally for refreshed driver programming.
  • Now let Windows look for your drivers consequently
  • If your drivers are not forward-thinking, update your drivers and restart your PC. If in any case, Continue to the subsequent stage.

 Drain Dell Laptop Static Electricity

This technique of knowing how to unlock the keyboard on a dell laptop windows 10 completely works for many people. To play out this technique:

  • Turn off your Dell laptop
  • Unplug your Dell charger and remove your Dell battery. On the off chance that your PC is utilizing an inbuilt battery, open your PC with a screwdriver and cautiously segregate the battery link
  • Now hold your Power button for 40 to 50 seconds
  • Reconnect your battery and charger
  • Turn on your laptop
Replace Dell Keyboard

Right now if your dell laptop keyboard isn’t working, I propose you replace it. In any case, before you replace it, look for the assistance of an expert to assist you. They will help in diagnosing your laptop appropriately and affirm if your keyboard needs replacement.



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