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Nicolette Scorsese

She is a former American actress, commonly known for her film “Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”. Nicolette Scorsese wanted to become a model, but later she started acting as well. She was prominent in the 1980s, and people loved to see her in movies.

Many people wanted to know about her personal and social life, and in this article, we will provide you with the important details of the former actress.

Life Before Pursuing Acting:

Nicolette was born in the United States in 1954. Her birthday month is January, and she is currently 69 years old. There is not much information about her parents and siblings, but we can tell through different sources that her family supported her throughout her acting and modeling career. Wikipedia Nicolette Scorsese says that she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Because she lives a private life away from the media, we don’t know much about her academic background. However, we got to know that she graduated from USA University.

Nicolette Scorsese Wikipedia

Nicolette Scorsese Wikipedia

When Nicolette was small, she started having an interest in modeling and acting. She gained her interest only through reading magazines and watching different Hollywood movies.

Full name  Nicolette Scorsese
Gender  Female 
Age  69
Date of birth 6 January, 1954
Birthplace  United States
Ethnicity  Caucasian
Nationality  American

Physical Characteristics:

She is a graceful woman with a slim physique. She stands 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and her weight is 60 kg. Nicolette has long, dark brown hair and mesmerizing grey eyes. Her zodiac is Capricorn, and she has a firm belief in the Christian religion. Nicolette has a fair skin tone.

Physique  Slim 
Skin tone  Fair 
Height  5 feet, 10 inches 
Weight  60 kilograms
Eye colour  Grey 
Hair colour  Dark brown 
Birthsign  Capricorn 
Religion  Christianity 

Nicolette Scorsese Actress:

Nicolette wanted to become a model since she was a child, and when she became an adult, she started her career as a model by appearing in various bikini and fashion shoots, but after spending some time in modeling she decided to go for acting. 

She debuted with the TV series “The A-Team” in 1985 and portrayed the character of Cindy in the series. 

Nicolette Scorsese Actress

Nicolette Scorsese Actress

In 1987, Nicolette starred in the show “Charles in Charge” and her name was Louise in the show. The next year she got her dream offer in the movie “Perfect Victims” and she was the lead actress in the film. After her success in the movie she has done other movies such as Lone Greasers, NYPD Blue, Boxing Helena, Girls in Prison, The Ultimate Lie, and one of her most famous films “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, she became famous because of her role as Mary in the movie and many people started to call Nicolette by her movie name Mary.

In the year 2000, she decided to quit her acting career because she was doing pointless films and started feeling like a defeated player. After leaving the showbiz industry, she is living a private life away from the media.

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Is there any relationship between Nicolette and Martin?

Many people think that Nicolette Scorsese and Hollywood director Martin Scorsese are somehow related to each other because of their same surname. But the truth is that they are not related.

Nicolette Scorsese Relationships

Nicolette Scorsese Relationships

Nicolette Scorsese Multiple Relationships:

The gorgeous lady Nicolette has been involved with different celebrities. In 1988, her first affair was with an actor and musician Mr. Jellybean Benitez and they dated for a short period. However, the 1980s era was considered her peak time.

While Nicolette continued to spread her charm in the entertainment industry, she met with the Italian-American actor Antonio Sabato in 1989. Unfortunately, they also separated after spending some time with each other.

In 1990, Nicolette Scorsese Sean Penn were seen together at the First Annual International Rock Awards. The duo was in a relationship but due to their issues, they decided to part ways.

Nicolette was also seen with British rock musician Billy Duffy, but they never revealed their relationship.

The Rumour:

There is a rumor circulating that Nicolette has a child. Many people say that Nicolette and Billy Duffy who is a British Rock musician have a daughter named “Shiloh Duffy”. But it is not confirmed because the duo never gave any reply regarding the rumor.

Nicolette Scorsese Net Worth:

Nicolette’s estimated Net Worth is $300,000 as per different articles. She got all her wealth through her modeling and acting careers.

Nicolette Scorsese Net Worth

Nicolette Scorsese Net Worth


Profession  Actress, Model
Net Worth $300,000

Is Nicolette Scorsese Still Alive or Not?

The former actress is indeed alive and living a healthy life. Her current residence is in California, United States. But she is living a private life and she is also not using any social media platform so we don’t know much about her whereabouts. 


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