Xfinity Internet Guide: Plans, Options, and Review

Xfinity Internet Guide

Xfinity gives you a wide range of options that allow you to create a plan that’s perfectly suited to your unique needs. But navigating plans, bundles, promotions, optional terms, and additional services can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the provider.

We’ve created this guide to help you choose from Xfinity’s internet plans and related services. Details can vary by area and we can’t cover everything here without confusing you. But you can reach out to the folks at Xfinity’s customer service for any queries. 

Let’s start with Xfinity’s internet-only plans.

Xfinity Internet Plans


Connect is the most affordable plan from Xfinity that gives you reliable speeds at an unbeatable price. This plan costs $20 per month for 75/10 Mbps (download/upload) max speeds. There’s a 12-month price lock and you’re not required to sign a term contract.

Connect More

Connect More is Xfinity’s most balanced plan for an average home. It also delivers the best value out of all of Xfinity’s plans. You get 200/10 Mbps max speeds for $25 and the price is locked for 24 months. There’s no term contract and you get WiFi equipment for free.

Connect and Connect More have a data cap of 1.2 TB, which is in no way a problem for most Xfinity customers since most American homes use less than 600 GB per month. But if you need more data and/or higher speeds, Xfinity still has you covered.


Fast is an unlimited plan with 400/10 Mbps max speeds and WiFi equipment included at $55 per month. It has a 12-month price lock and there’s no term contract.


Superfast costs only slightly more than Fast but it doubles the value. It comes with up to 800/20 Mbps max speeds for $70 per month. There’s a 12-month price lock and no term contract is required.


Xfinity’s 1000/20 Mbps internet plan only costs $75 per month, a very competitive price compared to Spectrum’s internet service. You also get free WiFi equipment and unlimited data. The price is locked for 12 months and the plan is contract-free.

Gigabit Extra

This is Xfinity’s fastest widely-available plan, made even more tempting with an extended price lock. Gigabit Extra costs $80 per month for 1200/35 Mbps max speeds. The price is locked for 24 months, so you keep ultra-fast internet at an incredible promo price for 2 whole years. This plan is also unlimited, free from contracts, and includes WiFi equipment.

Xfinity Internet Bundles 

Connect More and Choice TV

This bundle combines Xfinity’s most value-added internet plan with its most affordable TV service. At just $35 per month, you get Connect More with 200/10 Mbps max speeds and Choice TV with 10+ channels and 20 hours of Cloud DVR. Choice TV also includes free HD service, the Streampix app, and the Xfinity Stream app with 20+ FAST channels integrated. 

If you want more channels, you can add affordable genre packs and only pay for what you actually watch. You can also customize the plan with premium channels and other TV services.

Fast and Popular TV

If you want higher speeds and a wider selection of channels, this plan is for you. The Fast + Popular TV bundle costs $105 per month for 400/10 Mbps max speeds and 125+ of the most watched live channels. You also get everything included with Choice TV.

Superfast and Ultimate TV

Need even higher speeds and channels, you can’t go wrong with this bundle. Superfast brings 800/20 Mbps max speeds while Ultimate TV includes 185+ channels for $140. It has everything included with Popular TV and Choice TV.

Add Phone for Just $10 More

Xfinity’s Phone service, Xfinity Voice, costs $20 per month. But when it’s bundled with Xfinity Internet and TV, it only adds $10 to the plan. Each of the bundles discussed so far also has versions with Xfinity Voice included. 

Xfinity Voice allows you to make unlimited calls at no cost all over the US. It also includes tons of features, including compatibility with Nomorobo. It uses VoIP technology so the voice is super clear.

Xfinity Internet + Home Security

Xfinity offers by far the most affordable professionally installed security systems and it’s ranked among the best security services in the US. This bundle includes Xfinity Superfast (800/20 Mbps) and Xfinity Pro Protection Plus, which offers both self and professional monitoring. 

The footage is recorded and sent to the cloud for you to review anytime. Xfinity technicians also view footage from outside your house when motion is detected and call authorities if a threat is confirmed. Xfinity Internet + Home Security Costs $110 per month.

Additional Services and Options


Xfinity NOW TV is an affordable live TV service for the modern consumer. It includes 40+ TV channels, costs only $20, and requires no installation or equipment—not even cable TV service. 

All your channels are accessible through the Xfinity Stream app on any device with an internet connection, whether it be a TV, a computer, or a smartphone. To sweeten the deal, you also get Peacock Premium for free with NOW TV.

Xfinity Flex

Xfinity Flex is a 4K streaming box that you get with Xfinity Internet. It includes 10,000+ free titles and allows you to access all your premium content from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Max in one place.

To top it all off, you get Xfinity’s award-winning Voice Remote that can pull up any movie/series you want from all your available content. Not sure what to watch? Just give it a keyword and it’ll find all the relevant content for you.

xFi Gateway

xFi Gateway is Xfinity’s WiFi service that includes a WiFi 6E router and built-in security for the entire network. It uses the latest technologies of today to improve the range, increase the speed, and significantly lower the latency of wireless connections. The network can be easily controlled with the Xfinity app, which includes keyword blocking, content filters, and parental control features. xFi Gateway costs $15 per month. 

xFi Complete

xFi Complete takes security one step further by protecting you even when you’re using out-of-home WiFi. If your house doesn’t have wall-to-wall WiFi coverage, you also get an xFi Pod at no additional cost.

xFi Pods

xFi Pods are WiFi transmitters that increase your WiFi range and remove WiFi blind spots. They use mesh WiFi technology which eliminates the problems associated with conventional range extenders.

Optional Data Cap (For a Discount)

Data caps are optional with Xfinity Internet. You can add a data cap to an unlimited plan for a discount or remove the data cap from a limited plan for a fee. Either way, you get the deal that delivers the most value for you.

Optional Term Contract (For a Discount)

Xfinity won’t require you to sign a term contract. But if you plan on staying in the same house and are sure about Xfinity, you have the option to get a 12 or 24-month contract with your plan for a discount.


Xfinity gives customers a wide range of options so they can customize a plan that satisfies their unique needs. As the cable industry leader, it also has the most advanced features, in-demand services, and competitive prices.

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